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SSA-48 Sidewalk Pressure Washing 2023 RFP

SSA-48 Audit Services 2023 RFP

SSA-48 Landscaping Services RFP

2023 SSA 48 Private Security RFP

2023 SSA 48 Litter Abatement RFP

Snow Removal 2022-2023

Pressure Washing 2022

Private Security Services 2022

Snow Removal 2021-2022

Pressure Washing for 2021

RFP for Audit Services (2021)

RFP for Litter Abatement Services (2021)

Wells Street Corridor Plan (2020)

RFP for Private Security Services (2020)

RFP for Litter Abatement (2020)

RFP for Pressure Washing to Combat COVID-19 (2020)

RFP for Festival/Large Events Management and Production Issued (2018)

RFP for Snow Removal Services 2018-2019