About Us 

Since our establishment in 1971, OTMRA has served as the voice of the Old Town community advocating city services for businesses and residents. Working in partnership with our local aldermen, the OTMRA addresses issues concerning development in the neighborhood, streetscape maintenance, business development, and promotion of the neighborhood as a destination in Chicago. The OTMRA also hosts regular social events, informational workshops, business roundtables, and the Wells Street Art Festival every June.


Commercial Retention & Attraction Strategy

Our goal is to continue Old Town’s evolution as a safe and vibrant location to live, work and laugh. Our efforts are centralized around the popular Wells Street commercial corridor, an area flush with varied businesses and services including: retailers, health/wellness services, bars and restaurants, comedy clubs, independent theatre and community organizations. Wells Street is a designated bike corridor as well, with painted lanes in both directions.

We are proud to be the home of the world-renown Second City improv theatre, Zanies Comedy Club, A Red Orchid Theatre, the Chicago History Museum, historic St. Michael’s Church and many more popular attractions.

The Old Town Merchants and Residents Association publishes a quarterly Old Town Market Report.


1551 N. Mohawk St.
Chicago, Illinois, 60610

Neighborhood Safety Strategy

The Old Town Merchants & Residents Association maintains a consistent dialogue with the local police district in order to ensure residents, businesses and visitors are assured a safe and secure experience in Old Town. Additionally, the local Special Service Area — SSA 48 Old Town — provides weekend on-street security service to supplement the efforts of our district police officers. Combined, this provides the order and eyes necessary to help Old Town thrive.


Communications & Media Strategy

OTMRA endeavors to consistently share information about our businesses so that they can see actual, tangible success in their businesses through their memberships. We encourage you to utilize our social media, or join the organization, to stay up to date on what we and our business members are doing. Please get in touch with upcoming events/specials we can  promote through our channels.


District Marketing Strategy

Through sponsorship support of businesses, and OTMRA’s own expense, we produce various marketing materials visible to more than 18 million eyes. Print guides are updated and distributed to Choose Chicago visitor centers as well as hotels. Additionally, OTMRA updates our website and social media to provide consistent and timely information on the neighborhood and our businesses.


Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDC)

The NBDC Program program provides grants to Chicago-based chambers of commerce and business support organizations, to assist in the development of small businesses in Chicago, serve as liaison between local businesses and the City of Chicago, and provide neighborhood business development services. Learn more about the NBDC services the OTMRA provides here.

City of Chicago Small Business Center (SBC)

The Small Business Center (SBC) is the business licensing division of the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) and the City’s “ONE-STOP-SHOP” for business licensing, public way use permitting, and connecting entrepreneurs to business resources. Learn more about the SBC services the City of Chicago provides here.

Who We Are


Pam Farley
Marge’s Still / Old Town Pub


James Dattalo
The Fudge Pot


Giulia Sindler



Christopher Donovan
House of Glunz


Kristan Vaughan
Vaughan Hospitality


Sara Plocker
Sara Jane


Giulia Sindler


Lori Allen

Margaret Comer

Matt Doherty
Four Corners

Michele Dreczynski
Near North Unity Project

Tim Egan

Ashley Geisheker

Brian Hicks

Ariel Kerman
Kerman Enterprises

Julie Lampert

Chad Novak
Fireplace Inn

Chris Ryan
The Rabbit Hole

Patrick Shaughnessy

Liz Wontor-Leach
Franklin Fine Arts School

Executive Director

Marcy Huttas

SSA #48 Manager

Colleen Sweeney

Marketing & Membership

Kaylee Fowler