We have exciting news to share with you. 


Old Town, Chicago and Montmartre, Paris are becoming “twinArrondissements (neighborhoods)! Chicago and Paris have been Sister Cities since 1996 and, now, the Old Town Merchants and Residents Association & the Old Town Triangle Associationare partnering with La Commune Libre de Montmartre, a community organization in Montmartre, Paris to “twin” our Old Town neighborhood and Montmartre to share culture and friendship.

Old Town and Montmartre share histories as thriving artistic communities with pasts as bohemian centers of culture.  Both are rich in architectural treasures, cathedrals, cobble stone streets, and neighborhood restaurants and bars.


The Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, which is an initiative of the Chicago based non-profit Working in Concertperformed on September 3, 2023 in Paris. At that performance, the President of the Montmartre neighborhood organization made an announcement of the Old Town/Montmartre partnership. The Chicago-Paris Sister City Committee has been key in facilitating this partnership. A special thank you to OTTA & OTMRA member Caroline Shoenberger and Chicago/Paris Sister City Co-Chair David Reithoffer for all their behind-the-scenes support.


We look forward to this pairing leading to new opportunities for neighbors to participate in exciting French themed events and possibly drive some unique Old Town neighborhood communications and collaboration. Residents and businesses are encouraged to complete the document linked here to share their interests and suggestions for activities you would like to see come out of this connection. We are counting on large-scale participation to make this a truly exciting and fun effort for years to come.

Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris

Stay tuned for more, and get ready to celebrate in Old Town with French wine, French culture, and more.


Pam Farley, President, Old Town Merchants & Residents Association

Ray Clark, President, Old Town Triangle Association




Our two neighborhoods/arrondissements (in Chicago and in Paris) share a history in the arts, culture and cuisine! Join us to make this a truly new and exciting partnership for years to come:

Every idea is welcome.
Every person/business is welcome to join or take on a new role.
Ideas for events, lectures, classes, tours? Interested in leading or participating?
Let’s show everyone how it’s done! It all starts with you.


Tell us your ideas for our neighborhood twinning  HERE.