Fern Hill Community Meeting on May 7 at 6pm

Alderman Hopkins and the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association are holding a community meeting at the Latin School Auditorium, 59 W North Blvd. Click here to register.

Fern Hill is proposing a “Planned Development” on the northside of North Avenue between North Park and Clark Street. The Planned Development would permanently change the zoning of three sub-parcels of land: the Piper’s Alley parcel, the Walgreens and parking lot parcel and the Moody Church and gas stations parcel. A tower is proposed for 1600 N LaSalle.

As many of you are aware, Fern Hill recently filed their planned development application. This filing enables there to be further review by city departments. Our understanding is that it triggers a timeline for a City Plan Commission hearing within 72 days of the filing. The Piper’s Alley parcel is currently zoned for commercial use only and the density of the structure on the land is limited to “F.A.R. 2.3”, which basically limits the building height to its existing height. Under the Planned Development, the Piper’s Alley parcel would be zoned for mixed commercial and residential use. The newly submitted plan shows “0” residential units.

The Planned Development Application submitted to the City can be found HERE.

Those who register to attend will receive an email with an information packet prior to the meeting. A Zoom livestream link will also be shared via email for registrants who cannot attend in person. Active participation via Zoom will not be possible; livestream will be the only virtual component. Click here to register.

Contact the 2nd ward Aldermanic office at office@aldermanhopkins.com if you have any registration issues.

OTMRA is focusing on disseminating information, considering pros and cons, and has not taken a position at this point. The OTMRA current focus is on asking questions and getting answers. Other local organizations weighing in on the proposed development include:



We encourage stakeholders to come to the May 7th Community meeting and to ask questions to clarify facts, process, and next steps.