Fern Hill Proposed Development & Community Feedback

Fern Hill has proposed a large residential rental development at North/LaSalle/Wells. The developer’s website for this potential project can be found HERE.


OTMRA has received many emails with input from constituents expressing their opinions and input. A summary of constituent input to-date is below:


● Traffic flow & questions about a traffic study and proposed plans to mitigate traffic
● Lack of building set-back
● Access Directly from the street
● height and size of the proposed development
● Density right on a high-traffic corner
● Walkability and Pedestrian/Bike safety
● Affordable units (some who have emailed are opposed and some are in favor)
● Loss of Charm/historic feel of the area
● Views from 1660 building
● Safety – both in general & if the 24 hour Walgreens moves temporarily into the Treasure Island Space connected to 1660
● Amount of rental units added to the area
● Desire for a food store in Treasure Island Space
● addition of vehicles to the area without parking


● Set-back from corner
● Mid-rise instead of high rise
● Access drive built under the building off of the street
● Possible access from LaSalle or North instead of/in addition to Wells
● Repositioning the proposed building so it is closer to LaSalle
● Traffic re-routing plan
● Adding more parking, including public parking
● Limited Walgreens if will be temporarily in Treasure Island Space
● Affordable commercial space to be provided for food store, art gallery(ies), community
organizations, boutiques, etc. that add to the charm of the area and that are not able to afford market-rate rents as the area has developed


The OTMRA board and zoning committee met with the potential developer at the end of November 2023 and shared this feedback. We plan to arrange future meeting(s) on this project that OTMRA members will be invited to attend, and the 2nd Ward Aldermanic office assures us that they will host a public meeting before this project would be able to move forward.