Safety in Old Town

Your safety in our community is a top priority for us.

18th District Police

Paul R. Bauer, Commander
1160 North Larrabee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60610
p. 312.742.5870


18th District CAPS Office

p. 312.742.5778


Beat Community Meetings

Meet your beat officer, discuss crime trends and share problem-solving tips for the 18th District.

  • Beat 1811/1812/1813 – 2nd Thursday of every odd month at St. James Lutheran Church (2101 N. Fremont) at 6:00 p.m.
  • Beat 1821/1822/1823 – 2nd Tuesday of every odd month at 18th District, Near North (1160 N. Larrabee) at 6:00 p.m.
  • Beat 1814/1824/1834 – 1st Tuesday of every odd month at Latin Upper School (59 W. North Ave.) at 6:00 p.m.
  • Beat 1831/1832.1833 – 1st Thursday of every odd month at Access Living (115 W. Chicago) at 6:00 p.m.

Any changes will be noted on the 18th District Events Calendar at


9-1-1 or 3-1-1 — Who are you going to call?

In the case of an emergency, how do you know whether you should call 9-1- 1 or 3-1-1? 9-1-1 should be called for immediate police, fire or emergency medical response. Call 9-1-1 when there is a crime in progress, threat to life or injury, property damage or major loss, reporting a fire, hazardous materials incidents, rescue of a trapped person, and other life-threatening emergencies. 3-1-1 should be used to request City Services and to report situations not requiring a police response. Call 3-1-1 to request non-emergency services or problems (rodent baiting, street lights out, graffiti removal), to find out your police district and information regarding CAPS meetings and to request shelter services information. Visit for more information. If you see something, say something. Report suspicious activity to 855-RPRT-2S-4 (855-777-8274). Suspicious activity including, but not limited to, unusual items or situations, eliciting information, observations/surveillance as it could indicate terrorism or terrorism-related crime.


General Safety Tips

Take proactive measures to ensure your safety. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe in our community:

  • Walk, ride or jog with a partner
  • Avoid dark, isolated places – don’t walk or park there
  • Be alert, look around
  • Keep at least one hand free – don’t carry bulky bags or packages
  • When alone, avoid wearing headphones or talking on your cell phone
  • Late at night, have someone meet you at the bus stop or train station. Have the taxi driver watch while you enter your home
  • On public transportation, try to use the busiest, best lit stop possible both to get on and get off the bus or train. When waiting for a train, stay close to other people in the most well-lit area of the station. When on the train or bus, sit near the driver or operator
  • After dark, tell family and friends when to expect you and how you will be traveling
  • When at a bar, never lose sight of your drink.
  • Have your house and car keys out and ready to use
  • Follow your instincts – if you feel threatened, go to the nearest open store or business, and call 911 immediately
  • If you are the victim of a mugging, take note of the assailant’s shoes. Many will take off a sweater or pair of pants and have a change of clothes underneath. They usually do not bring a change of shoes! This could be helpful when reporting the incident to the police in the future


  • There is safety in numbers
  • Ignoring your instincts is not worth the risk
  • Don’t be afraid or too shy to ask for someone to walk you to your car or home
  • Adopt a frame of mind that allows you to recognize and avoid potential threats on the street

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