Zanies Standup Learning Center in Old Town!


Chicago’s role as a learning center for improv and sketch comedy is well established. Now the nation’s Funniest City will have the only learning center dedicated to the art of standup comedy.  The learning center, located 1543 N. Wells (across the street from Zanies) will offer three areas of study – all focused on standup comedy: Performance, Professional Enhancement, and Appreciation.  Classes will be taught by standup comedians with practical experience as both performers and instructors.  For more information and to register, head to their website,

In a recent interview with Chicago Tribune’s Rick Kogan, Executive Vice President Bert Haas described the need for the class “But there is great value in learning in general, and in this case to learn to appreciate the art form, and I do think that stand-up is an art form,” says Haas. “It’s all around us and very influential … David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and all over the Internet and social media.”  To read the article, please click here.  OTMRA welcomes the newest edition of comedy classes being held in Old Town!

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1543 N. Wells St., Chicago IL 60610

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