Then/Now: 1520 Wells, Midas Touch / Old Town Oil

1520 N. Wells Street


History - 1520Wells - OldHistory - 1520Wells - New

Starting out our “Then & Now” picture series is the very home of the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association (visit us in the basement!) and Old Town Oil. It’s amazing what 40 years difference can make, and this building might be the most glaring example of that.

Midas Touch was a go-go club located here in Old Town in the 60s and 70s. As you can see from the “Then” picture, business signage requirements were a little more…shall we say “lax” thirty years ago.

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1543 N. Wells St., Chicago IL 60610

The Old Town Merchants & Residents Association welcomes you to experience Old Town with its historic charm and modern sensibility.

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